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Fonte Nova SPA provides the ideal escape and a selection of treatments that combine european and oriental traditional philosophies.

At Fonte Nova Spa you will be able to enjoy a completely exclusive and relaxing environment. This is the best way to leave the city behind and deliver yourself to moments of absolout pleasure.

Leave stress behind you and enter into a quieter world. Let yourself go and be guided by your senses; discover the path that leads to peace and total relaxation.

The relaxing sound that will run through your body.
The touch that calms the senses.
The scent that embraces both body and soul.

Our Treatments

Face treatments

  • Hydralessence Face Long-lasting, deep hydrating facial. Moisturised with seaweed and fruit extracts and bathed in a light aromatic steam, your skin becomes supple, soft and beautiful, wrinkles and lines smoothed. Duration: 60 min. € 55
  • Optimizer – anti-age treatment Lifting and firming facial. A “personal trainer” for the skin with hibiscus and lupine peptides to help the skin defend itself against ageing. Result: visibly younger-looking, firmer and smoother skin, redefined facial contour. Duration 60 min. € 60
  • Skin Cleansing (with black spots extraction) To achieve radiant skin, cleanliness is key. Free from impurities, The skin breathes better, runs out of acne and even without early wrinkles. The treatment is finished with the application of a mask adapted to the specific needs of your skin. Duration: 90 min. € 60
  • Sensitive Skins Treatment with decongestant properties, soothes skin reactive improving the blood circulation and softening skin easily irritated skins. Duration: 60 min. € 55

Body treatments

  • Anti-cellulite The elimination of dead cells and reducing the effect of lumps of cellulite lipo / gearbox. Treatment ends with a massage firming. Duration: 60 min. € 60
  • Treatment Slimming/Firming Treatment with essential oils with a concentration of active ingredients with draining and lipolytic properties. In this way can remove toxins, which is reflected in a more careful and shaped. Duration: 60 min. € 60
  • Nutri-comfort Consists in a exfoliation followed by massage nutrient in order to develop the elasticity and protect the skin from external aggressions. Duration: 45 min. € 50


  • New life Massage to improve the stretching of the skin in order to prevent the formation of striations. Duration: 45 min. € 55

Hand and Foot Care

  • SPA Manicure Traditional Manicure + Scrub + Mask treatment. Duration: 45 min. € 16
  • SPA Pedicure Traditional Pedicure + Scrub + Mask treatment. Duration: 60 min. € 26


  • Anti-age Cleansing, micro exfolitation, stimulating mist with essential oils, restructuring natural active ingredients and ultra-targeted masks smooth lines and wrinkles, give your face a real burst of energy and fight premature ageing signs. Duration: 60 min. € 60
  • Hydrating Care It includes a soft peeling, a double hydrating and repaiting mask and a massage of the face and back of the neck. Duration: 60 min. € 55


  • Fonte Nova Spa Relaxing and Exclusive Massage Full relaxation massage wich includes essential oils for a refreshing feeling of total well-being and rebalancing. Duration: 60 min. € 60
  • Dynamic massage Massage with deep pressure and immobilization for strengthening and toning muscles. Ideal for maintaining muscle tone and encourage the rest after muscular effort. Duration: 60 min. € 70
  • Candle Relaxing Massage Body massage with candles based on vegetable oils and butters, allowing a total surrender from head to toe, with a sense of relief and absolute relaxation. Duration: 60 min. € 70
  • Harmony massage ( Body and Face) First we put a mask on the face. Then, in time of possession of the mask, a massage is done, a greater emphasis on the arms feet and legs, which returns to the big body energy balance. The treatment ends with a massage that rebalances craniofacial and eliminates the daily pressures accumulated. Duration: 90 min. € 90
  • Massage therapy to the back It is intended to eliminate / relieving stress or pain at the back by reduce relaxing muscular tension of the back and neck. Duration: 45 min. € 50
  • Massage Emotion – 2 person Unique experience to deeply relax the body and mind. The combination of a delicate texture and aroma make this treatment a journey of the senses. Includes: two relaxing massage, Duration: 70 min. € 140


We suggest to book your treatment 24 hours before, so you can have the opportunity to choose the best time for you, and generously help our management.

Upon your arrival, you will have available a bathrobe, slippers, towel, and all the amenities necessary for your visit.

Pregnancies, medical restrictions or any anormal conditions shall be reported when you book your treatment.

SPA Hours: Monday to Sunday from 10.00am to 8.00pm.

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