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The Challet is located in the Fonte Nova street in Alcobaça, near the Monastery and the historical center.

A majestic 19th century iron gate leads to the mansion throughout the magnifient front garden. The Challet comprises three floors and a basement with a game room and a bar.

The interior designer Natália Knock and the property owner decorated Challet Fonte Nova with a classic/modern style environment keeping the confort of a two centuries old mansion.


The ground floor features four rooms that spread over the area being divided by impressive doors imitating French oak. Even the skirting boards and the door handles still respect the original design of the mansion, as a well as the carefully sculptured ceilings, reflecting the brightness of the crystal chandeliers.

The guest rooms, both single and double, are located on the second and third floors, all of them feature private bathroom, air-conditioning, direct dial telephone anda cable TV. The D. Maria beds dominate the rooms decoration as well as hand painted tiles in the bathrooms.


Built in 1872 in the farm that gave it its name (Quinta da Fonte Nova).
The land where now is the Challet Fonte Nova has been in the XVI century gardens and vineyards of the Monastery of Alcobaça.
In 1886, the former owners received for a few days the Infante D. Augustus and his field assistants, to an inspection visit to the Cavalry Regiment.

The architectural aspect of Challet (Palace) originates in our emigrants in the early XIX century wich made fortune in Brazil, and returned to their original birth place to built their houses defined by a unique architectural cropping, the image house who they knew on the other side of the Atlantic.

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