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Tips for Wedding’s organization

The diplomatic plan

Of course I agree with you that is a big bummer be to distribute the guests for the tables, having to take into account whether there is or not family problems. But on the other hand you don’t want to put at the same table, two family members who are angry, right? Try to make the most diplomatic distribution possible, so that everyone feels good on this special day. For achieving that everyone is well, it is a step towards the success of your party.

Children’s table?

Yes! I can tel from my experience that is always has the best results. Someone must take care of children. Hire a cheerleader for this purpose. Children will be served quickly, soup and a dish they like and can go play. They will not have to wait for the whole meal is served, starting to get impatient. Take these small steps and you will see that even the little ones will enjoy it more. Parents certainly will thank you!

Discover The Garden of Love in Alcobaça

The Garden of Love, located at the confluence of the rivers Alcoa and Baça, is a leisure space that evokes the immortal love of Pedro and Inês. Here you can prepare an original surprise for someone special writing a dedication and keeping it in one of the  700 Safes inlaid on the walls of the Garden.
In Chalelt Fonte Nova you can purchase a kit that includes:
– Two keys;
– A set of samples of the county’s flavors (Ginja of Alcobaça and Alcobaça´s apple);
– A small papyrus where you can write a message, dedication, or vows of love.
Store at the Love Safes over a period of three years, after which you can return to Alcobaça to renew your safe. Can thus fulfill the motto of the city: “Who comes to Alcobaça, doesn’t come without coming back.”

A delicious breakfast

In Challet Fonte Nova started to pamper our guests in the morning. Nothing better than starting the day with a varied and tasty breakfast in a relaxed atmosphere. We provide our clients seasonal fruit, natural juices, cheese board, variety of breads, jams, homemade cakes, milk, tea, coffee, cereals, among others. If you like to be treated like a king, you can also choose to order breakfast in room. Do not skip this meal so important!